Exhausted, sleep deprived, and frustrated by

your child’s sleeping habits?

Get access to thousands of hours of sleep training experience with
the Baby Sleep Guide

Parenting doesn’t have to be like this. You don’t have to struggle through each day, exhausted and alone. 
I’m Emma, New Zealand’s leading baby sleep specialist, and I can help.
My Baby Sleep Guide will help you learn to:
Assess external factors that may be impacting your baby’s sleep.
Create a holistic sleep plan based on your child’s unique personality and your own parenting style.
Read case studies from other families and gain useful tips for your own sleep training.
Apply my no-cry-it-out technique to teach your 6-24-month-old to sleep independently.


“I love the e-guide, I purchased it last week and have gone from holding to sleep to having my 5 month old self settle! Love it!


I’ve collated the thousands of hours of experience from my team of sleep consultants, who’ve helped more than 15,000 babies (and their parents) get a good night’s sleep. This home guide will give you all the tools you need to start sleep training with success.

Don't lose any more sleep. By implementing tools from the Baby Sleep Guide, quiet nights are just a few steps away.


"Annabelle is doing AMAZING! She now goes down for her first two sleeps with no assistance at all!! The holiday period has mucked her routine slightly but now that I have the skills and confidence I can get her to sleep whenever. Contacting you is the best decision I have made – your advice and help has truly changed my life.”

“I’m so glad we got in touch with Emma. We were struggling with our five month old who has reflux and barely slept day or night. She quickly provided us with a practical and detailed plan, which was tailored specifically to our wee boy. We found the regular contact from her as we worked through the plan fabulous. A month on and his sleeping just continues to improve, he now settles to sleep with minimal fuss, naps well during the day and is sleeping a whole lot better at night – bliss! I can’t thank Emma enough for her advice.”
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