Exhausted, sleep deprived, and worried about
your child’s sleeping habits?

Don’t want to leave your baby to cry it out? Desperate to help your baby learn to sleep, but don’t know what to try next?

Get access to our proven techniques to help your baby settle with the Baby Sleep Guide.

All for just $9.99


Sleep is a biological necessity, not a luxury! Yet so many of us are going months, if not years with not enough sleep. Fragmented sleep is the number one cause of sleep deprivation.

How many times a night are you getting up?

I’m Emma, New Zealand’s leading child sleep specialist, and I can help you find a settling method and sleep plan that will work for your child.
My team of sleep consultants have helped more than 15,000 babies and their parents get a good night’s sleep. You could be next!

The Baby Sleep Guide is perfect for you if your baby:
Doesn’t sleep through the night.
Takes a long time to settle.
Refuses to nap or takes cat naps.
Has hit a sleep regression.
Wakes frequently through the night.
Join thousands of other mums using these proven techniques to settle their babies and get a good night’s sleep!

What if I'm feeding to sleep, or co-sleeping?

Perfect! This guide is designed to gently change the way your baby falls asleep. If they are dependent on you to feed them or rock them, or co-sleep, then I recommend the most gentle approach available. Your child has no ability currently to get from awake to drowsy to asleep, it is not fair for us to simply the shut the door and walk away. This guide will teach you how to support them in this transition, both emotionally and physically. You will learn to understand their needs, guide them towards independent settling, sleeping through the night, and longer more restorative naps.

I don’t want to leave my baby crying alone in their room!

When it comes to your child, you should never do anything you’re not comfortable with. That’s why this Baby Sleep Guide is my proven gentle, stage by stage settling approach, which teaches your little one to settle independently without using any cry it out. I'll walk you through your options depending on your parenting style and the associations your baby has. 


What’s inside the baby sleep guide?

The Baby Sleep guide compiles more than ten years of knowledge and experience from my team. Inside you’ll learn how to:
Understand which factors may be impacting your child's sleep, and how to change them.
Use this guide and workbook to create a holistic sleep plan based on your child’s sleep temperament and your own parenting style.
Read case studies from other families and gain useful tips for your own sleep training.
Apply my proven gentle stage by stage technique to teach your 6-24-month-old to sleep independently, and start immediatly.
Gain access to 36 months worth of free nap routines which support and encourage sleeping through the night.
"I'd tried lots of different ways to improve Angus's sleep, with no success! I saw the Baby Sleep Consultant Sleep Guide, and thought I'd give it a go as I had nothing to lose. Well I couldn't believe it, it WORKS! Night 4-5-6 he slept 7pm-6am!!!" ~ Chloe
Don't lose any more sleep. By implementing tools from the Baby Sleep Guide, quiet nights are just a few steps away!
From one of our happy parents

"We were a bit unsure on what to do so purchased the sleep guide for $9.99! Best thing I've brought all year!

We're now on night 3 and she's just had a nice warm bath a quick cuddle and put to bed where she rolled over and goes straight to sleep (the first two nights I just followed the steps of a boring cuddle and lying her down and that took no longer than 20min before she was asleep).

I know we've still got to keep it up to really get her used to it but just wanted to say a massive thank you for writing the guide. It's helped us out so much!"

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